1. a vendo machine in Japan.@-)

  2. Meet Diamond.

  3. Meet my new toys!:)) They bring back so many childhood memories.:D

  4. These shots were taken from our house in Florida (notice the lake and the two ducks swimming). It was sunrise and I just felt like taking pictures of scenery.

  5. I took this shot from the window of the plane. We were approximately in the middle of the pacific ocean near the international date line.:D

  6. Harry Potter, Universal Studios, Florida! Whew, it felt like i was in the set of Harry Potter! I wish I can go back there soon!:)

  7. This picture was taken in the airport at Detroit. My flight was delayed since it was snowing really hard and the plane had engine problems. Good thing I got home safe! @-)

  8. My first niece. Her name is Jenica.:D

  9. romarchuca:

    Come to the Manger